Aurora Over the Palouse
Ruby Beach Morning
Let's Dance
'23 Cadillac Fire Truck
Chapel Radiance of Northern Lights
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Morning on Geyser Hill
Breaking Dawn

Roche Harbor Meteors

Last night’s meteor shower wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped for, however I was still able to capture a few in this 50 minute exposure @RocheHarbor #SanJuanIsland

Roche Harbor Meteors cr

Spectacular 4th on San Juan Island

This year’s July 4th celebration at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island was spectacular. A full day of activities including a Fun Run, Log Rolling, Blind Dinghy Races, Bagpipers & Donut Eating Contest, ended with a fireworks display…..Here is my image for 2016RH 4th 2016 cr

Cape Kiwanda

What a gem of a beach in Pacific City, Oregon…. With the temperatures over 100 near Portland, this was a welcome destination on my recent road trip. The sandstone outcropping offered some very interesting features along the wall near the waterline….

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda


Bear Hug @GrizzlyWolfCntr

Visited the Grizzly Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone before leaving the area. What a treat watching these beautiful animals playing in the snow….


Winterwonderland in #Geyser Basin

There is something both eerie and magical about walking through the thermal features of #Yellowstone….


Ready to Roll in Yellowstone

Access to #Yellowstone National Park is very limited in the winter time…..The Park Service only allows limited snow machines and sno coaches to drive into the Park…..Here was my transportation to Sno Lodge at Old Faithful….



Driving Rainbow

Had a great weekend in La Pine, OR…..Met a lot of friends and made new ones….and of course it was about the DOGS!…..Here is an image taken along the Columbia River just when the sun was coming up…..


Old Faithful

It never got old hanging around Old Faithful Inn and watching all of the people rush outside every 1:27 minutes to watch Old Faithful erupt….


Roadblock at Yellowstone

Yellowstone in the Fall is great….not too crowded, comfortable camping…and of course bison are everywhere….


Grand Tetons

Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate in such a majestic place as the Grand Tetons, you have to make the best of it….With rain in the area and the clouds lowering quickly, I was still able to visit most all of the top vantage points in the Park….Here are a few of the images….





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